What Do You Think About Adoption?

Now that the idea of being unexpectedly pregnant is beginning to sink in, you have a big decision. It’s good to have options, and one of those options is making an adoption plan for your child.

Does placing your child for adoption seem impossible? Adoption, like your other options, is a difficult decision to make. But adoption means you are thinking about your child first.

What Is Adoption?

Adoption is the legal process of transferring the rights and responsibilities of being a parent from a birth couple to an adoptive couple. It isn’t foster care where the child is placed temporarily. Adoption is a permanent decision.

Within the adoption process, you have several choices. Your choice depends on how much or how little involvement you want to have in the process.

Types Of Adoption Plans

There are three main types of adoptions. You choose the plan you are most comfortable with for you and your child’s future.

Open Adoption

If you want to be involved in every aspect of the adoption process, choose an open adoption plan. With open adoption, you select the adoptive family who will raise your child. You can meet them before birth, at the hospital, and after placing your child with them.

The adoptive family and birth mother (along with the birth father, if available) can exchange identifying information such as names, addresses, and phone numbers. You can choose to communicate openly with one another and become an active part of your child’s life.

Closed Adoption

With a closed adoption plan, the adoption specialist you choose selects the adoptive family. You have no contact with them, and the courts seal the original birth certificate. Closed adoption keeps your identity private.

Semi-Open Adoption

With this plan, you communicate with the adoptive family, but the adoption specialist you have chosen handles all communication. You can exchange letters, cards, and emails, but your identity remains private.

Let’s Talk About Adoption

If you would like to explore the idea of adoption, you can set up a free and confidential appointment to talk with a team member. Learning more about this option will help determine if it is right for you.