Are You Facing An Unplanned Pregnancy?

If you came to Oxford Women’s Center for a free and confidential pregnancy test and found out you are unexpectedly pregnant, we can help you. We promise to support you in whatever you choose.

You have options. We can review those with you and provide referrals to resources and agencies that can assist you.

Are You A Mom With Children Under Age 3 Needing Help?

We are here to provide support for women and families who are struggling financially. If your children are three years or younger, we are prepared to assist you.

Our Support Programs

Supporting you is why we are here. Your concerns are our concerns too. We offer several support programs:

  • Lay Counseling. Our trained lay counselors listen and talk with you about your struggles.
  • Educational Instruction. We offer free prenatal, childbirth, and parenting classes.
  • Material Assistance. The Learn to Earn program offers maternity and children’s clothing, baby supplies, and more.

Learn To Earn

Learn to Earn is an educational program that enables clients to earn points to go towards a new crib, mattress, car seat, or extra supplies for their babies and children.

Points are assigned as you watch videos and learn pregnancy and parenting information. Points earned can be used to “purchase” supplies such as a new crib, mattress, car seat, and more.

Baby Bound Program

You can earn points by participating in the Baby Bound Program at McCullough-Hyde Hospital. Baby Bound is a prenatal education program in which a registered obstetrical nurse meets with you once or twice during pregnancy at no charge.

Story Time At The Library

Obtaining a Lane library card for yourself and your children and attending story time can earn points toward baby items.

Make An Appointment

All classes are available online or by appointment at the center. You can make an appointment in person or over the phone. Call 513-523-1814 or 513-299-3487 to begin this program.